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Hey iTwixie Girls, Go Ice Skating!
December 19, 2009


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Video Credit: bbhart

Cool video, right?  It’s from Celebration, FL!  Anyone can ice skate!

Check out these groups to become skilled at ice skating!  Maybe one of these is close to YOU!

US Figure Skating Association

South Australia’s Learn to Skate Program

Singapore’s Learn to Skate Program

London’s Learn to Skate Program

Some skills you’ll learn in beginning ice skating classes:

  • Two Foot Turns
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Backward Crossovers
  • Backward Outside Three Turn
  • Two Foot Spin
  • Salchow

Want more?  Check out LifeSkate.com – it features Olympic skaters, elementary school skaters and groups that are all about getting YOU out on the ice!

Still want to learn more about ice skating on iTwixie.com?  Tell us what you want to know, right here, in the comment section below…

Got a movie of YOU skating?  Click right here to send it in to iTwixie.com!

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