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October 12, 2010


Just join iTwixie’s Twixing I’m So Random SHOUT OUT! It’s happening ALL DAY Wednesday! You can leave messages for your iTwixie BFFs all day long, and iTwixieAdmin will hang out to make sure everyone is safe and has a blast. It’s a special day of Twixing so iTwixie girls can send messages all day long!

iTwixieAdmin will check in to make sure everyone is safe and has a blast. Plus, iTwixieAdmin will still lead:
- Homeschoolers Unite Chat at 2pm Eastern, and
- iTwixie’s Book Club Discussion at 7pm Eastern with Gabriella.

It’s gonna be so kewl! Whatchya think?

Remember, keep all your posts in keeping with the iTwixie Pledge, so everyone has fun and is super safe.

Give us a shout out right here and tell us what you think! And we’ll see you on iTwixie’s Twixing I’m So Random SHOUT OUT all day Wednesday! See ya!

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