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Do You Think Like a Scientist?
February 17, 2011

Don’t you love learning about Julie’s work as she studies tuco-tucos? Here’s how it all started… are you like Julie?

  • I was one of those girls who LOVED to be outside.
  • I became a sea kayaker. My favorite thing to do was (still is) to paddle with orcas around me.
  • Eventually, I realized that I wanted to learn more about the ocean, the diversity of life and how it all worked.
  • I went back to school, and took just one class in marine biology.
  • I met a professor who studied animal behavior: Eileen Lacey. She opened my eyes to the cool questions people asked about animals and how they lived. She studied tuco-tucos and she let me start working in her lab at Berkeley.
  • if you love nature or animals or just like to ask questions, you too can follow your heart and go on one of the greatest adventures ever and become a biologist.

What do you want to know about studying tuco-tucos? Want to learn more about becoming a scientist? Jot your questions in the comment section below:

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