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Tween Girl EARTH DAY Tips by Jamiejewel!
April 21, 2010


My mom and dad grew up in a small town where we go 2 watch baseball games sometimes. You wouldn’t believe how many people litter!! It makes me sad… we’re killing the planet we live on. But, lucky 4 us, I have some ideas 2 help out!!

Here they are:
*Reduce, reuse and recycle! I really don’t know what reduce means, can you help me out? lol Reuse-Take an empty, used can of chicken and noodle soup into: a pencil holder, a soda holder, a note holder, something else that holds other things and more!! Recycle-If you put a used empty milk carton and put it in the plastics recycling bin, it gets turned into something COMPLETLEY different.
*Grab a sharp stick and a bag and go! Walk-don’t take cars-to your nearest park w/ friends, a parent or guardian and look everywhere 2 find litter. EVERYWHERE. And if you can’t pick some stuff up w/ your stick, don’t be afraid 2 use your hands. Just make sure you wash your hands afterword.
*Maybe you’re at your sister’s softball game and you’re eating some candy. Maybe you take off the wrapper and put it in your lap. Maybe it falls on the ground. Maybe you decide not to care and don’t pick it up. [Not trying 2 offend, just an example.] Every choice you make leads to effect something. So, think before you act, reduce, reuse, and recycle and help spread the world.
Thank you, Jamiejewel, for these great ideas! You rock!

You can join the Club Greenies on iTwixie. Check what’s new every Tuesday! We are voting for a new project on Tuesday APRIL 27!

See you there!


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