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It's the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for the Ultimate Tween Girl Hangout!
May 29, 2010


The first 31 girls to complete iTwixie’s Ultimate Scavenger Hunt will get an uber cool iTwixie First Birthday surprise! So what are you waiting for! Get scavenging! You can send your answers in to us by email or right here in the comment section (we just won’t publish them until all 31 are in).

For number 7, you can send your picture to judy@itwixie.com, submissions@itwixie.com or just make a movie and upload it to iTwixie.

So easy, right?

Good luck!

  1. What was iTwixie’s first contest?
  2. In what city is iTwixie’s office?
  3. Name the girls who have won Blogger of the Month.
  4. What is the name of the company that sponsored the songwriting contest?
  5. Who won iTwixie’s songwriting contest?
  6. What is the name of the restaurant that hosted iTwixie’s launch party?
  7. Create an iTwixie I’m So Random In Her Shoes movie or send in a picture of you holding a drawing of the iTwixie logo.
  8. What does iTwixie ask each member to download, print out and sign when she joins iTwixie?
  9. Who wrote iTwixie’s theme song?
  10. Name one country that is featured in iTwixie Girls Around the World.
  11. What is the most popular article on iTwixie right now?
  12. Choose 15 articles and post 15 comments and then list the articles right here.
  13. Can sitting up straight get you good grades?
  14. What is the name of the iTwixie club that helps to save the planet.
  15. What is iTwixieAdmin’s favorite color?

Click here for contest rules and regulations.

That’s it!  Good luck girls! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY iTWIXIE.COM!


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