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iTwixie Challenges Tween Girls to Make This ROBOT!
April 15, 2011

Last week you came up with ideas for robots, right?

This week you’re gonna MAKE ONE! That’s right! You can make this robot! It’s so fun, easy & cute!

It’s a bristleBot! It’s a great robot. It makes a buzzing noise and moves around like a bug. It’s so kewl! And YOU can make YOUR OWN! Ready?

What You’ll Need

  • New toothbrush
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Cell phone motor
  • 3v coin-cell battery

Grab a Parent & Your BFF & Here’s What You’ll Do

  1. Snip the bristled head from the toothbrush with the scissors, leaving about a 1/3 inch of neck still attached.
  2. Lay a strip of double-sided sticky tape across the flat top of the toothbrush head, resting on its bristles.
  3. Attach the cell phone motor to the sticky tape, with the turning shaft facing away from the remaining neck of the toothbrush. Make sure that the head of the motor won’t touch the toothbrush at all when it turns before securing it to the sticky tape.
  4. Lay one of the motor’s wires down, flat against the sticky tape; and stick the coin-cell battery on top of it firmly.
  5. Make your robot MOVE by bending the motor’s second wire down to touch the top of the battery. The motor will fire up and vibrate your robot rapidly across any smooth surface it’s set on.


In Case You Need Help

If your robot overbalances when activated, try trimming the neck a little more. Also, make sure your components are centered on the sticky tape.

Cell phone (or pager) motors are required, as they have an unbalanced turning shaft, which creates the vibration when activated. You can buy these pre-isolated from websites like eBay, or you can scavenge them from any cell phone or pager you have.

Thank you, Jordan Gaither, for these easy instructions! You rock!

iTwixie girls, send in your pics of YOUR bristleBot! Can’t wait! We’ll send you a cool journal! Send ‘em into judy@itwixie.com or info@itwixie.com. What will you name yours?


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