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iTwixie Girls Around the World: Russia
September 15, 2009

•  Russia has very long, cold winters, so winter sports – like hockey and ice skating – are very popular. The girls in the photo above are playing floor hockey!
•  Are you in elementary school? Well, in Russia, kids are in elementary school for 9 years! For how long do kids in your country go to elementary school?
•  Have you ever played Red Rover at recess? In Russia, they call it “Boaire.”Tween girls love it!

Here’s how to play!
•  Grab a bunch of friends and divide into two teams
•  Each team stands side-by-side, hold hands in a straight line and faces the other team
•  Have one person start by yelling “Red Rover, Red Rover, We call _______ over!” Pick anyone on the other team to run over!
•  Whichever person had her name called must unlink hands with her teammates and run fast toward the other team’s line. The goal is to run fast through the linked hands, to try and break their grip!
•  If the person successfully breaks through, she gets to choose one person from that team and bring them back to her own team.
•  If she wasn’t able to break through, she must link onto that team’s line. Yikes!

The point of the game is to try and get all of the other team’s players to link onto your team’s line. So, grab some BFFs at recess and have fun playing! It’s uber fun! Boaire!

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