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Study Tips by LEMONHEAD
September 23, 2009




  • Keep an assighnment book!! This is a great way to remember to do all of your homework. Write down your homework as you get in school so you have all of it written down. Then as you do it at home, cross it out so you know you did it!
  • No distractions!! when you do your homework make sure you don’t have any toys like a phone or an ipod, these can easily distract you!! Also, make sure you are in a quiet place like in your room.
  • Homework first! Let’s say you have a math quiz that is worth half of your grade and just when you open your math book your best friend calls you to go to the mall. Oh no!! Don’t panic.  Just simply say:  “Sorry! I have tons of homework.  But on Sat. I’m free so if you want to go then that would be good!” And get back to your homework. (This does not mean right when you get home you have to hit the books and study! You can always watch TV or go on iTiwixie for 15 minutes!)


  • Breakfast counts! did you know that you do better on your school work if you eat breakfast? It is true!! So try to eat a healthy breakfast and you’ll be sure to get an A!  Have any healthy breakfast ideas? Please write them in the comments!
  • Come ready! Always make sure you have what you need before you leave the house. Do you have your saxaphone for practice and your book for math?
  • Try new things!  Hey remember your teacher saying it would be a good idea to join Forencics?  Or didn’t you want to join the volleyball team?  If you try it you might like it! Chances are you will!!  Plus it will be fun!
  • Ask questions!  If you ask questions it will really help when you are doing the social studies homework and when you are taking the social studies test!  Plus this is better than looking at the person sitting next to you’s paper because now you can say that you did it yourself!!

Well I hope this helped! Good luck in school!

the original lemonhead


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