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iTwixie Wants YOU to be Safe AND Happy!
April 14, 2010

iTwixie’s Checklist for Being Safe Online:

Before posting anything online, ask yourself, is this too personal?

  • Am I worried my parents will find out?
  • Am I uncomfortable about posting it?
  • Am I uncomfortable about the stuff I’m seeing on this site?
  • Is other stuff I’m reading or seeing making me sad or uneasy?

If you are answering “yes” to any of these questions, you may be putting yourself in a sticky, less than safe, situation.

Here are iTwixie’s Tips to Help You & Your BFF Always be Safe Online:

Remember, NEVER share personal information about YOU or YOUR FAMILY OR BFFS with ANYONE online. This includes this kind of personal information:

  • The name of the town where you live
  • The name of your street, school, or church
  • The name of where you go to school or church
  • The name of where you play sports
  • Last names of friends or relatives
iTwixie is all about helping to keep your personal information private. A lot of sites let you post whatever you want, however. So be careful EVERYWHERE you visit online. Remember to keep your personal information to yourself.
And remember to be respectful, kind and friendly. If you see bullying comments, mean-spirited remarks, or feel uneasy about anything about a site you visit, be sure to report what you see to an adult. It may help you or someone else just like you to be safe, too!
Spring Fever makes us all want to check out all the coolest and greatest stuff. That’s great! Just remember to keep you, your family and your BFFs safe and having fun, too!

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