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Are You Reading "Rules" with the Only Tween Girl Book Club Online?
October 5, 2011


Do Catherine’s adventures make you want to laugh out loud? What is your favorite LOL part of this story? How about when Catherine

Let’s chat, iTwixie girls… just jot what you think below! Remember it’s iTwixie’s LOL October!

You can get Rules at your local library or go online and order it here. Check back next week to keep chatting about the book – and we’ll have our All Day Tween Girl Book Club Partay on October 19. So keep reading!

Rules by Cynthia Lord: Book Cover

Rules by Cynthia Lord

Catherine’s brother, David, is autistic and has a real knack for humiliating her at the most important moments. Catherine feels deep love, responsibility, and embarrassment toward David. When Catherine meets Jason at her brother’s clinic, she has to weigh her desire to be normal against the desire to be true to herself and those she cares about.

Keep reading and be sure to check back here next week!

Want to meet Cynthia Lord, the author of Rules? Here’s where she’s traveling to next:

Saturday, October 15, Book signing at Barnes and Noble, Newington, New Hampshire. 1:00 pm.

Tuesday, October 18 & Wednesday, October 19, School visit. Chaminade C.P. Middle School, Chatsworth, California.

Tuesday, October 25, School visit. Liberty Park School, Vestavia Hills, Alabama.


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