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iTwixie Makes an Easter Tree
April 2, 2010


What you Need to Make this Easy Easter Tree Project

  • A toilet paper roll
  • A piece of origami paper or wrapping paper, cut to fit around the toilet paper roll
  • Green tissue paper
  • Modeling clay
  • Sticks from your yard
  • Curling ribbon
  • Package of assorted wooden beads, eggs or an assortment of Easter decorations
  • Fake feather bird
  • Feather butterfly
  • Glue
  • Wire cutters

Step One: Stabilize the branches and vase

First you need a stable base. Put modeling clay in the bottom of the toilet paper roll, and stick the branches into it. Support the branches on the sides with extra tissue paper, newspaper, or other scrap paper. Just keep adding clay and weight to the bottom of the toilet paper roll until your “tree” won’t tip over!

Step Two: Add Tissue Paper Grass

Next, wrap the origami or wrapping paper around the toilet paper roll, cut it to size and glue it into place. Then camoflauge the inside of the craft with green tissue paper to make it look like grass. Cut little squares of green tissue paper around 2″ square and twist them in the center).

Step Three: Add Your Feather Bird

You might find birds like these at your local dollar store. If your bird doesn’t have a wire attached, unbend a paper clip and stick it into the styrofoam bird, and then wrap the other end around the branch. Do the same with the feather butterfly, or use a hot glue gun.

Step Four: Glue the Beads onto the Branches

Glue small round beads, decorations or eggs onto the ends of the branches. Use hot glue or regular glue and make sure you put them randomly on a few branches – not every one.

Step Five: Add Your Own Decorations!

Lastly, add your own mini Easter ornaments. Tie some one with a loop and bow. Keep your Easter tree simple yet pretty by adding just enough decorations to make it stand out, but not too many that it might topple over!

Send in a picture of YOUR Easter tree to judy@iTwixie.com


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