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iTwixie is Proud to Support Day of the Girl!
June 20, 2012



The UN has declared 10.11.12 as DAY of the GIRL! Our friends at Day of the Girl asked for our help. So this summer, here’s how iTwixie girls are working together to Change the World:

Day of the Girl: Our new BFFs at Day of the Girl worked with the United Nations to get a proclamation for a special day that’s all about the power of girls all over the world. It’s called Day of the Girl and the first one EVER is happening this Fall: October 11, 2012! That’s 10.11.12! Cool, right?

Here’s How Girls Can Help! Ask for a Day of the Girl Proclamation Where They Live!

And get this: it’s EASY!

Last week, they looked up the name and address of their local Councilperson, City Mayor, or State Governor.

This week: we’re writing the proclamation together! Ready?

What’s a Proclamation? A proclamation is a formal document. The one we’re writing explains the importance of having a Day of the Girl.

How Will Girls Write One? We are writing them together in the comment section of the Change the World article on iTwixie! We invited each girl to copy and paste the Proclamation below, and fill in all the information about their town, city or state and anything important they would like to add. That way any other people from their area can add their thoughts, too! Next week we’ll write the letter that goes with it!

iTwixie’s Change the World Club Day of the Girl Proclamation

WHEREAS, equality and universal access to education for every girl and boy are among the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals supported by 189 countries including the United States; and

WHEREAS, the United Nations established October 11 as the annual International Day of the Girl Child supported and co-sponsored by the United States and 97 other countries; and

WHEREAS, The “Day of the Girl” campaign calls on communities across the globe to recognize that girls worldwide face many injustices such as discrimination, gender stereotypes, and lack of education; and empowers girls to fight for their rights; and

WHEREAS, the _____________ (insert the word city, county or state) of _____________ (insert the name of your city/county/state name) joins the iTwixie Change the World Club and other organizations, and supports increasing girls’ participation in sports, science and math-related activities, high school graduation rate, and providing equal opportunities for all girls by speaking out against gender-based injustices, celebrating all girls’ potential, and encouraging all girls to pursue their dreams; and

THEREFORE LET IT BE PROCLAIMED that I, ______, (insert the name of your Mayor/Town/City Council/County Council/Governor, etc.), hereby do proclaim October 11, 2012 as the Day of the Girl in the of _______(town/city/county/state).


It’s sooo true, iTwixie girls ARE changing the world! Can you help write and submit proclamations with your girls? Just click here. Next week we’ll mail them and plan our events and what happens next. Soon, we’ll have Day of the Girl all over the planet! Thanks, parents and teachers, for your help!

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