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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Fifteen & Last Chance to GUESS!
June 10, 2010


If you are new to the prairie dog study, catch up by starting with Week 1 or checking back to last week, which was Week 14!

Next week we will tell you the answer to the STEM question of how many baby prairie dogs came above ground this year.

If you have not entered a guess, just click on Solve this STEM Mindbender and WIN! for ways to make an educated guess. NO ONE knows how many prairie dog babies have been born! Not even the prairie dog expert team! So go ahead… guess!

Researcher Notes:

Most of litters of white-tail prairie dog pups have now appeared aboveground. Only 3 litters have not yet emerged from their nursery burrows, and we are not certain that the three females still have pups.

On Wednesday, a long-tailed weasel visited our main study colony. The results were devastating. Within a few minutes, the weasel killed 1 pup of one litter, and all 7 pups of another litter. Ugh! We are hoping that the weasel does not return.

For the first week since our arrival in early March, we did not document any new avian species.

Now send in YOUR guess of how many pups we’ve counted this year! Remember, the girl(s) who guess closest to the real number will get a prairie dog t-shirt. Woo hoo!


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