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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Four
March 25, 2010


Here, at this prairie dog town in Colorado, it doesn’t look or feel like Spring, but don’t tell this to prairie dogs! They’re popping up like flowers!

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Week Four: Catch, Mark and Release More Prairie Dogs!
Check out this cool video of Dr. Hoogland releasing a newly marked prairie dog back to its burrow:

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Video Credit: Amy Marek and Kathleen Eddy


It’s so snowy still in Colorado! Isn’t it amazing that the prairie dogs are coming out of their burrows when there’s still so much snow on the ground?

Researcher Notes

  • 14 new prairie dogs have been caught and marked! The total is now 22.
  • We have captured and marked the first females of the season. 
  • Many of prairie dog pups that we captured and marked last autumn are emerging from hibernation, too! Now they’re called yearlings. We don’t need to mark these prairie dogs, because we can still see the dye that we applied in the Fall.
  • We’ve identified more birds: California gull, golden eagle, mountain bluebird, northern goshawk, peregrine falcon, prairie falcon, and sage grouse.
  • And for the first time ever, we saw a striped skunk at the study site. (Ew!)

Isn’t research a ton of work? But the Prairie Dog Expert Team loves it.

What do YOU want to know? Let’s send THREE questions for these fabulous folks this week! What’s yours?


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