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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Fourteen!
June 3, 2010


Last week the prairie dog expert team challenged you to choose which picture was of a prairie dog – the second picture was a prairie dog. Were YOU correct? (we think xInvaderMorgan, bAmbAm001, Dowanhowee, and Squeaks88 were!) Great job!! How could you tell?

Having trouble coming up with a guess for how many prairie dog pups we’ll have this year? Check back on Saturday, when we’ll give you some cool ways to figure out YOUR guess! It will be part of our STEM puzzle feature that day.

How totally awesome!

Remember, the girl(s) who guess closest to the real number will get a prairie dog t-shirt. Woo hoo!

If you are new to the prairie dog study, catch up by starting with Week 1 or checking back to last week, which was Week 13!

Researcher Notes:

  • We have captured and marked 13 baby prairie dogs so far. Next week will be busy as more baby pups come up above ground.
  • New avian sightings for 2010 over the last week include gray-headed junco and rough-legged hawk.

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