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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Seven!
April 15, 2010


Whether you think she’s marked or not, this female prairie dog carries nest material in her mouth to her burrow. Each female has her own burrow. This female needs to get ready for her soon-to-be-born pups!

Just click on these links to catch up with any of the past weeks of iTwixie’s prairie dog study:

The Prairie Dog Expert Team watches closely to learn where each female prairie dog makes her nest. It’s the only way they know where to watch and see when the pups are born!

The researchers watch closely and take notes on where each female makes a nest. Now you can see how important it is that every burrow and prairie dog is marked!

Researcher Notes:

  • Most of our marked males have large scars from the vicious fights during this grueling, mating season month.
  • Many marked males look emaciated (starving) and exhausted (really tired).
  • Three marked males have disappeared.
  • We noted more new avian, or bird, sightings: common nighthawk, lesser scaup, mallard, mourning dove, sage thrasher, Sandhill crane, Swainson’s hawk, tree swallow, white pelican, and yellow-headed blackbird.
  • We saw our first porcupine for 2010.  And, for the first time ever, we observed a thirteen-lined ground squirrel.

Got questions for Dr. Hoogland and his Prairie Dog Expert Team? Ask away! (just write your questions in the comment section below!)

Don’t forget to send in YOUR guess for how many prairie dog pups will be born this season! Just write your estimation below in the comment section! Remember there are about 38 female prairie dogs in this prairie dog town.

The girl with the closest estimate of pups born this season will get a prairie dog t-shirt. Woo hoo!


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