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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Sixteen & STEM ANSWER!
June 17, 2010


It’s been weeks since iTwixie girls have started sending in an educated guess for how many prairie dog pups have come above ground this year at iTwixie’s Prairie Dog Study. Good job girls!

AND so we finally have the answer! The grand total of baby prairie dogs is: 128! The closest answer was from Catlover who guessed 130.

Thank you one and all for your great guesses! Catlover will be receiving a prairie dog t-shirt.

Now, the  prairie dog expert team has to catch and mark the rest of the prairie dog babies. They are tricky little rascals.

Researcher Notes:

  • We have marked all but 4 of the 128 prairie dog babies.
  • We will begin predator experiments with stuffed badgers as soon as all the prairie dog babies are marked.

Check out the rest of iTwixie’s Prairie Dog Study! Just click on Week 1 or start at Week 15.

Can’t wait for next week’s report on BADGERS!

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