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July 21, 2009

Are you part of an empowering group for tween girls? Do you have a positive, character-building message to share? iTwixie would love to feature your article, story or game!

If you would like to submit something to be published on iTwixie, follow these guidelines and send your submission to: submissions@itwixie.com

Be sure to include an email address where you can be reached for notification.

Content Guidelines

All iTwixie content should follow these easy and fun guidelines:

  1. Start with a fun opening (e.g., “Do you have best babysitter secrets to share?”) and close with a call to action (e.g.,  “send in your tip” or “take this quiz” or “create your own movie”).
  2. Include no more than three facts, pieces of information, or “nuggets.”
  3. Include a visual that’s approved for commercial use.

Length guidelines for various content types, with the ideal visual accompanying each:

  • Music: Clips :30 in length; Song length can vary
  • Movie: 2 minutes long
  • Audio: :90 long
  • Article: 250 words or less, plus mandatory visual
  • Images: jpg, gif, or pgn format; 72dpi resolution; 500 pixels wide

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, email us at info@itwixie.com

We can’t wait to hear about how you or your organization can help challenge tween girls to become their personal best.  Thanks for joining the iTwixie revolution!

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