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iTwixie Reviews "The Tooth Fairy"
April 28, 2010


Here’s a review by MissMonkey:

1. Did you like it?


2. Anything great about the movie?

When he turns into a tooth fairy and argues with the queen, it’s great.  We also loved when he got his first mission, he scores for the last time and the parents get married.

3. Is there anything inappropriate for 9 or under?

When the guy talks about shrinking himself and the things he does it was a little inappropriate. And then there was a kissing scene. Yuck.

4. Did you think there were any boring parts?

Yeah, the scene with hockey and fighting were kind of boring.

5. Were there any interesting points in the movie?

Absolutely. He gives his famiily amnesia so they forgot who they were and where they were.  And then he told the girl he was the tooth fairy.

6. Did you think any of it was funny?

There were some really funny parts like when talked to this kid about the NHL, how his wings pop out and when he goes to the talent show.

7. Are there parts of the movie that you’ve seen before?

Well, there were parts that we have all seen in other movies, like how the good people win and there are all these dramatic apologies, and of course, there’s the happy ending, which I loved.

8. Would you get it to watch with your BFF?

Some of my BFFs will love it, but others might not, so it would depend on the BFF.

It’s a good movie! I liked it a lot. –MissMonky


Thank, MissMonkey, for this terrific review of Fox Entertainment’s ToothFairy! You rock!

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