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iTwixie Tweens Give MAD Great Advice!
March 30, 2011

1) I AM SO MAD!! My friend emailed me yesterday and she betrayed me. She has been hanging out with my enemy, and acting like it’s ok. This girl, who is really mean, is rude to my other friends, she flirts with my boyfriend, and also whispers about me. And my old friends think she’s so awesome! She is the rudest person I have ever met, and I don’t know what to do about my ex-best friends. Plz help me guys!!!

2) hi agian look i need u all 2 give me advice…u c my nighbor bugs me sometimes and her mom is a little scary, she is sometimes mean to me,and the worst part is when ever it looks like she is looking @ me it looks like she is mad @ me.WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!????? tell me please!

3)  I have a problem. This girl I know has been my bff this whole school year, is like leaving are group. I asked her if she was like going to stop hanging out with us and she said kinda. She is kind of being mean she is saying stuff like I know your jealous, but I am really not I miss hanging out with her. What should I do?
4)  Hey! So I’ve been homeschooled like my entire life, but now i’m thinking about going to school next year. I’m in 6th grade now and i’ll be going into 7th. Everybody tells me i’ll do fine in school, but i’m also really scared about going! I’ll be the new kid and i’m worried everybody will be mean to me. I have no idea what my class will be like of course, but i also kinda want to go! What should i do??? Should i wait untill high school to go or should i go next year? also, what should i expect??
thanks!!!   -an iTwixie girl:)
5) hi now im extra sad because my other BFF is moving 3hrs and 45mins away from here. i dont know what to do, HELP!!!!!!!!!
Ok, iTwixie girls! Let’s hear it. Let’s help out our BFFs! Just jot your advice here…
Need some good girl advice? Send a note to judy@itwixie.com or write your question on iTwixieAdmin’s wall. Now get dishing out some good words girls, our peeps need YOUR help!

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