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March 10, 2010


Just jot your questions here and we’ll help each other out!

“How can I be more organized?”

Being organized is all about good habits. Try this, for example: always pack your books/backpack before you go to bed. That way when you get up, you are all ready to go.

Get it?

Here are a few more good habits to try and get organized:

• Create a homework box – you know, a box full of stuff you need to do your homework, like pencils, a sharpener, a ruler, tape, a highlighter, markers and pens. Time to do homework? Grab your homework box!

• Make a list of what you have to do each day – when you finish practicing piano, cross it off.

• Pick out your outfit for the next day before you fall asleep. What a time saver for the morning!

What are some of YOUR fab organizational tips, iTwixie Nation?


“How can I memorize stuff, like the seven continents? “

Try this:

Make a silly song about what you need to remember. The sillier the better. Lots of crazy rhymes help, too! Come up with some songs with your BFF… it is crazy fun! And it works!


What are YOUR secrets for memorizing stuff for school, iTwixie girls of the world?


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