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February 9, 2010


Which book do you want to read as part of iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club?

Read these burbs and see which book you would like to read!  They are all sooo cool!  Then vote! We’ll announce the winner next week, Wednesday, 10 March 2010!

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, Book #1: Moving Day by Meg Cabot
When nine-year-old Allie Finkle’s parents announce that they are moving her and her brothers from their suburban split-level into an ancient Victorian in town, Allie’s sure her life is over. With a room she’s half-scared to go into, the burden of being “the new girl,” and her old friends all a half-hour car ride away, how will Allie ever learn to fit in?

Her Stories by Virginia Hamilton
Her Stories is a spirited celebration of our strength, our dreams, and the precious gift of life and love from grandmother to mother to daughter. Newbery Medalist Virginia Hamilton, tells nineteen stories in this book, all about magical lore and wondrous imaginings of African American women.

Girl Power! by Ashley Rice
What is Girl Power exactly? Good question. It’s hard to define exactly — but it includes things like real spirite, determination, and courage.  Girl Power is knowing deep down inside that you can succeed.  It’s never giving up.  Girl Power is standing up for what you believe in… for yourself and for other girls, too.

Ok, girlie, get voting!

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