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iTwixie Volunteer Corps
May 5, 2009

Who can join the iTwixie Volunteer Corps?

  • Members of the iTwixie Nation (iTwixie girls, ages 8-14), whose parents give their permission!
  • Join iTwixie here

What types of volunteering can I do? Hint: doing your chores does not count

  • Bring the newspaper to an elderly neighbor’s doorstep or walk the neighbor’s dog
  • Volunteer in a soup kitchen or help stock shelves in a local food pantry
  • Visit your neighborhood park and pick up litter or promote recycling at home by creating a center
  • Tutor younger kids at school that need help; there may be a mentoring program you can join

Find more ideas for volunteering by:

  • Asking your parents and teachers
  • Looking for volunteering flyers at school, your library or community center
  • Thinking about what you enjoy doing and brainstorming with your friends for ideas of where you can help and have fun

When you complete 10 hours of volunteer work, ask your parent or guardian to help fill out the Volunteer Corps “I Volunteered” form. Their signature will certify that you completed your volunteer work and are eligible for your iTwixie Volunteer Corps t-shirt!

Mail the “I Volunteered” [Link to “I Volunteered” form] form to:
iTwixie, Inc.
Volunteer Corps
PO Box 85
Pittsburgh, PA 15101

You will receive your iTwixie t-shirt in 4-6 weeks! Please note: Your address will be used to send you the iTwixie t-shirt and will not be connected to your online account in any way.

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