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iTwixie's 21-Day Challenge for February!
February 1, 2010

Let’s get started with iTwixie’s 21-Day Challenge for February!

Try these 3 things for the next 21 days.  Then, let us know how it’s going!  We want to hear from you!  Together we’ll build a stronger, more empowering bond between you and your tween girl.  Good luck!

3. Laugh together! Show off your sense of humor with your daughter – let her hear your belly laughter.  Your daughter has a budding sense of humor.  Maybe it’s rooted in the bathroom still, but thing is, it’s important that you let go and find common, silly things to laugh about with her!  Feeling like you’re stilfling a laugh because you’re trying to act mature – let it go!  Laugh about the silly stuff together!

Can you find time to laugh with your tween girl for the next 21 days?

2. Don’t gossip.  If you gossip in front of your daughter, you’re teaching her it’s ok to gossip.  Don’t do it.  And don’t tolerate it.  Don’t tolerate it from her, her friends or your friends, either.

Can you go 21 days without tolerating gossip in your house?

1.  Stop saying she’s beautiful all of the time! Don’t misunderstand.  She’ll always be your beautiful girl.  But to build self-esteem, you must establish value in what your girl does. That is something she has control over.  Try these kinds of self-esteem building comments instead:  ”I’m proud of how hard you tried!   Wow-you wanted to score a basket in your game and you did it!  I know that getting at least a “B” on that test meant a lot to you and you worked it out!  Great job!  Wow, you’re so smart!  What a difficult book you read!  You solved that math problem in no time, nice work.”

Can you try these next 21 days to praise your daughter about schoolwork, her efforts in her fave sport, how she’s getting along with other family members or after she achieves a goal that she finds important?

You’re a great parent.  Try these things to create a closer, more powerful bond with your daughter for the next 21 days and tell us if you see a difference right here!

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