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iTwixie's 5 Step Training Program to Run 1 Mile
April 6, 2010

iTwixie’s 5 Step Training Program to Run 1 Mile

Step One
Become a role model!
Help someone in your life get inspired to run with you. That’ll mean being a great role model – you know – be positive, excited and encouraging.

Step Two
Plan to Run!
Register for a fun run near you! If you are close to Pittsburgh, register for the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon 1 Mile Fun Run on May 1. It’s just $15 if you register online by April 18 (ask your parent for permission, of course!!!) and you can run with your iTwixie peeps!

Here are some other 1 Mile Fun Run Races around the world:

Step Three
Make it FUN! Run/walk a mile with your BFF or someone fun, every day or so. It should take about 15 minutes. Remember to chat, laugh and maybe listen to some music while you’re running. If you can’t chat, you’re running too fast. Take it easy and enjoy your training!

Step Four
Don’t Get Grumpy! Remember, you’re training for a run that’s coming up, so you’ll want to keep you and your running partner excited about the upcoming run. So don’t nag each other. Encourage each other! Don’t criticize the pace, stay with each other and laugh!

Step Five
Keep each other comfortable! If you are running too often or too fast, you may get too tired, too sore or too stressed out about running. Remember that this is a fun run. So it’s important to stay comfortable!

Now what are you waiting for? Grab your BFF, a parent, a sibling or someone fun and RUN! Hope to see YOU at the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon 1 Mile Fun Run on May 1!

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