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iTwixie's Kid Marathon Challenge
March 30, 2010

Ms. Marie Bartoletti has inspired 140 kids to run 26.2 miles, one mile at a time. Here’s how it works: between now and May 1, these kids will run 25.2 miles. Then, on May 1, they will run their last mile as part of the 2010 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon 1 Mile Fun Run to complete their 26.2 miles! 

How cool is that?

“It takes most students between 12 and 15 minutes to run a mile.  But you know, there are a few who run it even faster than that!” Ms. Bartoletti told iTwixie. We could tell she is really proud of her kids. And we could tell her kids are proud of themselves, too.

“I ran 2 miles today during gym,” one girl said. 

“I’m going to come in during recess to run another mile,” another girl said.

Their friend told us, “I never even played a sport before I met Ms. Bartoletti. Now, thanks to her, I love to run.”

Here’s the coolest part!

The Race Director of the Pittsburgh Marathon wants iTwixie girls to take this challenge, too! Can YOU do it?

No way!  Way!

  • Just run a mile or two a day by May 1 to add up to 25.2 miles
  • Register to run your final mile with iTwixie on May 1! You can register online until April 18!

Every finisher will get a medal, a goody bag and have a blast at the finish line celebration. iTwixie will have some special surprises for kids who finish 26.2 miles!

Can you do it? Sure you can! Talk to your parents, your doctor, and your BFFs! Get all your friends to join in the fun! We will see you on May 1, 2010. Click here for the details!

“The biggest thing you’ve got to remember is to pace yourself,” said one boy.

Huh, that’s exactly what our friends at Girls on the Run told us last week!

Tell us how your miles are going right here!

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