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iTwixie's Club Greenies: First Project
March 16, 2010

How to Get Your School to Celebrate Earth Day

  • Get your friends together and see who wants to help
  • Decide on something you all want to do together with your school for Earth Day (you know, like wear green, have the day devoted to green living, collect paper to recycle or host a cool recycling craft)
  • Write your principal a short letter to explain what it is you want to do

Let’s write the letter together, right here on iTwixie!  It could go something like this:

Dear Principal,

My friends and I are excited to participate in iTwixie’s Club Greenies! We would like to organize a  ________________ at our school for Earth Day.  We are ready to make posters and get the word out about _________________.  We’d like your permission to do this.


What else would you want to include?  Tell us right here in the comment section below. This letter will be ready in no time! How cool is this!?!

Vote winner:

Ask my principal to have a green day at school on Earth Day. We would wear green, and have the whole day devoted to be green. And it will motivate us to do it EVERY day of our lives.

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