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Announcing iTwixie's First Book Club Choice of 2011
January 9, 2011

Little Women! What a great choice!

Here’s a brief description of Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott
Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are sisters who have to figure out how to keep from getting bored, frightened and dying when their father must go to war. The girls are smart, silly and really funny. They laugh, argue and cry as they figure out how to survive and thrive, even when times are the toughest ever.

So, look on your book shelves, go to the library or just ask your parents to buy a copy of this classic. Even if you’ve read it before, try reading it again. It’s sooo good!

While you’re reading, ask yourself, are you more like Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy?

A huge thank you shout out goes out to this special group of iTwixie girls: Rosepaw, baileyrockgirl9, Arink, & lax_luver!!! They are leading this book club, keep an eye out for what to do and when!

Let’s all get our reading ON!

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