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iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club is Reading "The Pages of Red Diamond," by Gabriella Skory
September 19, 2010

iTwixie is proud to announce a special, September iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club book selection: The Pages of Red Diamond!

This book was written by a real teen author, Gabriella Skory, who is going to join us each week to chat about her book on iTwixie’s Twixing!  How kewl is that?

Gabriella started writing The Pages of Red Diamond as an exercise to improve her handwriting! She put it down for a year before she reread what she had written and thought, “Wow, this could be a great story!” She loves to dance, has 3 birds and reads every minute she can. She is so cool! You’re gonna love her book and chatting with her!


So, do you wanna join iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club? Cool! Just do this:


Get Reading! Each Sunday iTwixie will post 2 chapters of The Pages of Red Diamond. And then on Wednesday night, at 7pm Eastern Time, Gabriella will join us on iTwixie’s Twixing to discuss these chapters. We’ll get to ask questions, hear what she was thinking when she wrote them, and talk about whatever we want to talk about with her! It’s gonna be so fun!

Ask if you can Join iTwixie’s Twixing for a month for FREE! So get reading! And we’ll chat together on Wednesday night, on iTwixie’s Twixing Power Chats!


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