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iTwixie's Letter to the Obama Girls
March 8, 2010

Dear First Tweens, AKA, Malia and Sasha,

We are the iTwixie Nation, and we think you rock! During iTwixie’s Show We Care February, we wrote this letter to show you how we care about YOU!

So we made list of 5 great reasons why we think you ROCK!

1. You inspire girls all over the world!
2. You seem ready to do whatever your family needs of you!
3. You are smart and you work hard!
4. You always look fab!
5. You like the same music as US!

Here are two iTwixie t-shirts for you. Enjoy!

And last, but not least, a few iTwixie girls from around the world wrote some special shout-outs to you. These special messages are listed right here, by username on iTwixie:

CaitFallen: I am a tween too and I think that you rock! You inspire all of the nation’s girls. Keep up the good work!!

Double_M: This is awesome! What kind of music artists do you like? Have you ever heard of Maddie Georgi, the singer/songwriter of iTwixie’s Theme Song, “Go!”?

XxangelgirlxX: Will you send back a picture of you wearing your iTwixie t-shirts?

volleyballgirl6: This is a great! Especially since we are tweens just like you!

zazzy52: Cool Beans! WOW. iTwixie ROX MY SOX, and should rock everyone else’s. Soooo go iTwixie!!!

Moonpelt: Hey, First Tweens, why don’t you join iTwixie? BTW, the Percy Jackson books rock. I started them in 4th grade and re-read them 10 times!!!! I CAN’T WAIT 4 THE MOVIE!

igirlpower: Now I Want to Visit DC! I love DC!

happyface365: I have been to DC its sooooo AWESOME!!! I especially loved the ZOO! Do you love the zoo?

iTwixie Nation: What is your fave sport to play? What is your fave Olympic sport?

Have a great day, Malia and Sasha! You have huge fans on iTwixie and tween girls all around the world think you rock!

Your BFFs,

The iTwixie Nation

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