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It's March Madness on iTwixie!
March 1, 2011

From March Madness Game Week, the maddest Blogger of the Month evah, an even madder Green Tween of the Month, and some mad iTwixie’s Cooking, to the oh-so-already-mad, I’m So Random Movies, iTwixie’s FULL of ways to go mad this march! It’s going to be so fun!

Where did all this madness come from? Well, in the USA, right now is an important part of the National College Athletic Association’s (NCAA) basketball season — and it’s known as March madness! That’s because all of the teams around the USA are trying to get into the NCAA basketball tournament with a dream of winning the National Championship team title. Can you imagine how exciting that might be? It’s absolutely MAD! Lol!

So iTwixie decided to create a little MARCH MADNESS right here… we don’t need the tournament to get us all fired up, do we girls!?! It’s time to have a blast and it all starts right here with March Madness on iTwixie! Our friends at Discovery Girls are joining in the Madness! All kinds of fun…


Just to help with the MAD fun, twixing will have two ALL DAY Twixing days, Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 8 PM Eastern. How MAD is that?

Ready to go absolutely mad? Be the Next America’s Top Young Scientist! Celebrate Mardi Gras! And don’t forget the uber fun madness of Saint Patrick’s Day!

Ready girls? It’s time to go absolutely bonkers, right here, for March Madness on iTwixie!

How are you going to go MAD this March?

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