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iTwixie's STEM Study In Antarctica With Jenna
December 23, 2010


Photo Credit: Jenna Luek

I have two air samplers running twenty four hours a day, which I check on twice a day to make sure they are working properly and change the filters every three or four days.

jenna collecting water samples in Antarctica
Photo Credit: Jenna Luek

To collect snow, I have twelve orange buckets that I take and fill in places where people don’t usually go- like steep snow banks on the glacier or on the nearby islands. Once I collect the snow, I bring it back to the lab, melt it, and then filter it through two different types of filters. It takes about two days to get through one set of twelve buckets, and when I run out of snow to melt it is time to go out again and get more!

When I get back to Virginia, I’ll be looking for “persistent organic pollutants,” or POPs for short.

Jenna’s iTwixie Challenge: A food web describes how different flora and fauna — or plants and animals — of the environment interact with one another. The Antarctic food web includes Adelie penguins, which are hunted by skua, which is a large bird. Adelie penguins eat krill, and krill eat phytoplankton. The deeper you look, the more connections you can find! (for example, krill also eat zooplankton and are also eaten by Gentoo penguins!)

Pick a plant or animal and describe its food web. Send your completed food web in to judy@itwixie.com and win a STEM t-shirt!

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