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Revolutionary Birthday Fun!
May 1, 2012


Happy iTwixie Birthday Month! iTwixie officially went LIVE on May 15, 2009.
Since then, thousands of girls from every state in the US and over 30 countries have joined the iTwixie Revolution! Tens of thousands of girls have taken the iTwixie Pledge! And even more have heard the message about iTwixie’s Revolutionary Celebration of the power of GIRLS!

Join the Revolution Celebration!

• Find 3 clues on May 15 to solve the iTwixie’s Revolutionary Riddle, and keep checking iTwixie all month long for the chance to win Revolutionary prizes

• Write blogs about what iTwixie means to you and nominate girls whose blogs you love for Revolutionary Blogger of the Month!

• Help Club Greenies make plans to be even bigger this year and nominate girls with the boldest ideas for Revolutionary Green Tween of the Month

About iTwixie
The iTwixie revolution starts with the 20 million tweens in the US, alone, who have the power to change the world. And they’re just like YOU!

What do you want to accomplish this month? What are your goals for this year? What do you want to do when you grow up? It’s all up to you, iTwixie girls, and iTwixie’s here to help you be your best.

You are the iTwixie Revolution! YOU ROCK! Tell us right here, what does the iTwixie Revolution mean to you?

Happy Revolution Celebration May!

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