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iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club Has a Contest You Can Join!
December 7, 2011

When Mackenzie Blue, or Zee, as she likes to be called, enters Grade 7, she knows it will be a hard adjustment. Not only is she going to brand-new school with brand-new teachers and classmates she doesn’t know, Zee’s best friend in the world, Ally, recently moved away to France.



As you read Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells be thinking about any good, juicy questions to ask about this awesome read. Any thoughts pop into your head that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll include them in our discussion!

Get your books and start reading!

You can follow the directions in iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club Has a New Contest! and you can Watch this Commercial for iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club! for more ideas. The first contest due date is December 12! So get your read on :)

Can’t wait, see ya there!

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