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iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club is Going on ALL DAY TODAY!
May 25, 2011


That’s right… you have the chance to win one of 12 PRIZES, all day today!

The first 12 girls to complete the most contests with correct answers will win. Answers will be posted on Thursday, May 26. You could win a kewl journal and iTwixie’s stickers!

Find 5 quotes from main characters – they are on every section of iTwixie!

And try this WORD UNSCRAMBLE in iThink!

Complete a scavenger hunt that goes to the Walls of these 10 iTwixie girls! There is a name listed in the scavenger hunt post on the wall. Number the answers to be sure you have all ten!

  1. smallfrycutie
  2. egbrown2000
  3. percyjacksonrocks
  4. ZebrasRock
  5. Skatergirl21
  6. MissSkinnyJeans
  7. iPixie2
  8. Kittyandpuppieluver
  9. luvbadmedicine
  10. HEH


Complete a matching game here:

  1. Mrs. Murray                             a.  person who needs to be rescued
  2. Calvin                                     b.  a chemist
  3. Meg Murray                             c.  little brother
  4. Charles Wallace                       d.  high school student
  5. Father                                    e.   person without much confidence


Find kewl A Wrinkle in Time words in Flower of Fortune and tell us which chapter of the book has been LEFT OUT!

Have a blast and GOOD LUCK!

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