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August 23, 2009

Find the site that will help you the most! But remember, by clicking on any of these links, you will be directed away from iTwixie and to a new website. Hope these help! Keep checking back for more homework help!


Fact Monster Homework Center

It’s a place for fun facts and interesting tid-bits about common school subjects!

Yahooligans! Reference

Here, you can find helpful resources like dictionaries and encylopedias.


Need some help with math? Check out this site for tips, tutoring, and practice problems!

The Grammar Slammer

Need some help with punctuation, quotes, and writing? This site gives great tips for Language Arts and Grammar.


Get stuck on a word? Need help with synonyms and definitions? Here, you’ll find a great place for both!

Earth Science Explorer

It’s a place just for fun science learning! From the earth to rocks to dinosaurs, it’s all here!

Language Guide

Learning a new language in school? This site helps you practice – you can even hear how the words should sound!

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Whether you want to know about history, famous people, science, foreign counties, or animals – you can find lots of cool facts here!

Kids Past

Here, you can find helpful information on World History – and quiz yourself through fun games, too!


Got some homework helper tips? Send them to submissions@itwixie.com, or just share in the comments below!

Here’s what st8cfab suggests:

3 School Tips for iTwixie Girls:

1. When you get home from school, try to start your homework right away. You’ll get it done sooner and have more free time.

2. Make a study/homework schedule. Include short breaks and 20-30 minutes per subject. It makes things much easier.

3. When doing math homework, don’t use a calculator. Check your answers by doing the inverse operation. You’ll learn a lot more that  way.



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