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September 1, 2010


Here’s all you do: ask your parents to sign you up for iTwixie’s Twixing to give it a try. Join in on a few chats and see if you love it. Try it out for a whole month for FREE! After that, it’s just $2.99/month – that’s less than a magazine subscription!

You will love getting to know girls who are funny, smart, creative, athletic and growing just like you. You’ll love it!

If you don’t love it, just cancel your membership.

It’s that easy!

Wondering what iTwixie’s Twixing is all about? That’s easy too – iTwixie’s Twixing is the only Power Chat just for tween girls all over the world. It’s so cool! It’s uber safe, super fun and always gets you pumped up to be your best.

Once you join, you just click on the bright pink “Join Twixing” button to join in the fun power chats every week day from 7-8pm Eastern Time.

Are there better times for you? Let us know! Wanna sign up? Click here to Join Now!

iTwixie girls, you ROCK!

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