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Oooooh – Jellyfish – ew!
October 28, 2009

Scientists figured out how to calculate the amount of water a jellyfish moves and multiplied this amount by the number of jellyfish in the ocean (which is lots!).  They were surprised to figure out that jellyfish REALLY stir up the ocean!


By moving the ocean’s water around, jellyfish help create motion in the ocean that helps other creatures find food, get moved around themselves and blend the water!  Jellyfish may look like they’re just hanging out, but they are really doing a lot!

See some jellyfish in action in this cool video!

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Video Credit: Jami Dwyer

Fun Facts about jellyfish:

  • Jellyfish are also called “jellies” or “sea jellies.”
  • Jellyfish are found in every ocean and in some fresh water locations.
  • A large group of jellyfish is called a “bloom.”

Source: Berardelli, Phil. (2009, July 29). Little Creatures Can Stir Big Oceans. ScienceNOW       www.sciencenow.sciencemag.org




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