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LAST CHANCE to Win ReaderLogic Prizes!
September 12, 2012

Did you love iTwixie’s ReaderLogic Summer Reading Club? Tell us!

And here’s how you can win BIG! All winners will be announced tomorrow, September 19! Good luck, girls!


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  • One lucky girl will win the ReaderLogic Grand Prize:  A Special GRAND Package of Good For You Girls tween care products  – find out who the winner is tomorrow! 
  • 3 iTwixie Girls won custom-designed avatars — check ‘em out tomorrow!
  • Jot your answers right here! There’s still time! Get this: 3 Girls will win a cool, Good For You Girls starter kit AND a custom-designed avatar and 2 lucky girls will win an iTwixie sweatshirt!
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Remember, all winners will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19.
Tell us:

1. What was your favorite book you read this Summer?

2. Did any book make you laugh out loud? 
3. Any book bring you to tears?
4. Which book helped you think about who you want to be when you grow up?
5. Do you want to read any of these books again?




Where can i buy Viagra in Clarksville Tennessee - Buy generic Viagra in Sunnyvale California

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