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October 19, 2011


It is iTwixie’s LOL October so let’s have fun, LOL, and celebrate this great book!!

Here’s what you do:

Just answer as many of these questions as you want… and you can be included in our random drawing! The more you answer, the better your chances to win! All winners will get a cool pack of iTwixie stickers and a travel journal! Kewl, right?

Get busy girls! The contest is all day long… we’ll announce the winners tomorrow, Thursday, October 20!

1) Have you ever been embarrassed by a member of your family? Can you LOL about it now?

2) Did you read the book? Did you like it??

3) Do you know anyone with autism?

4) Have you ever wished you could be different to please a friend?

5) Have you ever wanted to keep 2 of your friends from meeting each other?

6) Did any part of the book make you LOL?

7) Do you know anyone who uses a wheelchair? Have you ever used a wheelchair?

8) Can you laugh about anything and everything?

9) Are you really Random? Does that make life more fun for you?

10) Who is the funniest member of your family? (in a good way!)

All winners will be listed in iTwixie News tomorrow, October 20.

About Rules

Catherine’s brother, David, is autistic and has a real knack for embarrassing her. But having a brother with autism also helps her think about who she really is and what is most important to her. This month iTwixie will be shining the light on a fabulous group called Autism Speaks, because of all the great they do to help families with autistic members!

Thank you for your support, Barnes & Noble!




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