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October 25, 2010


Monday-Truth or Dare If you say “truth” you have to answer a silly question. If you say “dare” you have to do something funny! It’s a blast!

Tuesday-Scavenger Hunt Who can find 3 things in her house the fastest? Join the fun and find out!

ALL DAY TAG WEDNESDAY “Tag” someone by leaving a message on Twixing for her – then she has to leave your name and another girl’s name on Twixing to make someone else “it!” Cool, right?

HOMESCHOOLERS UNITE 2pm Wednesday – This is a special chat just for homeschoolers to hang out!

BOOK CLUB 7pm Wednesday This is iTwixie’s fabulous group every Wednesday night that gets to chat with teen author, Gabriella Skory, about her book, The Pages of Red Diamond. Don’t miss it!

Thursday-Name That Tune Can you tell which song it is by just seeing a few lyrics? Join us for Name That Tune on iTwixie!

Friday- 99 Grab a deck of cards and we’ll take turns flipping them over to see who adds up to 99 first… it’s a blast!

Hope to see you on iTwixie’s Twixing this week for these fun GAMES!  What do you think?

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