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May 23, 2012

Case Closed? Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science by Susan Hughes has nine stories! Today we are going to talk about the first three!

1) Hatshepsut is the story of an Egyptian mummy that was incorrectly identified. The scientists in this case use modern technology to find the right name to go with the right mummy.

Challenge: Can you name one modern test they could use? (Hint: These are medical tests you have heard of!)

2) Hsu Fu is the story of finding out the truth by acting out what might have happened. In this case, it is the “legend” of distant travel in ancient times.

Challenge: Can you name one important step in acting out a trip taken long, long ago? (Hint: To prove an ancient trip really happened, you have to use the same tools the ancients did!)

3) The City of Ubar is the search for a lost city. The area is mostly all under sand now.

Challenge: Name one modern tool that could help researchers see the area from a different “angle.”(Hint: What could change the way people look at a landscape or ruins?)


We will post all answers as they come in so you can give each other ideas! The first person who names a new idea will win iTwixie note pads:)  All winners will be announced in the Winners’ Circle on Sat. May 26.

You Go Girls!

Still need to get a copy of the book? Check this out:


Case Closed? Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science by Susan Hughes.

From the Russian Tsarina Anastasia and Amelia Earhart to the INS Dakar, these mysteries will snag you from your seat and take you all over the planet. Great choice, iTwixie girls!


We will keep chatting about this winning book next week on May 30.


Thanks for the terrific book ideas, National Science Teacher’s Association! You rock!


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