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First ReaderLogic Summer Book to Read
June 21, 2012

Go ahead and check out this cool book right here, with Look Inside.


About the Fourth Stall

Get ready to laugh out loud, as imagination and quirk come together to create a hilarious story of the friendship and adventure of middle school boys who will stop at nothing to fix their classmates problems.


Remember to Blog about this book or any book you’re reading this summer! Tell everyone what you think about it. You will love hearing what others have to say about it! AND you could win Reader of the Month! Nominations start next week… it’s sooo kewl:)

So just click here and Blog It! The more you blog, the better your chances of winning!


Keep checking back for more details about iTwixie’s ReaderLogic. Are you a New reader? Avid reader? Epic reader? Check out the great lists you can read all summer long!

And be sure to check back here next Wednesday, June 27, for more about this book.

Blog It! The more you blog, the better your chances of winning!

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