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Could You Live in Patagonia? Check Out this STEM Study on Tuco-Tucos
December 30, 2010

Julie says:

Working in Patagonia is quite an adventure!

We don’t have bathrooms out here. We have to dig a hole.

We don’t have showers. We use a camp shower. Here’s how it works: We fill the camp shower container with water and let the sun warm the water and then hang the shower from a tree. I don’t usually use the camp shower but prefer to wash in the little stream that runs by our camp — at least when it’s warm outside!

We are careful to not leave any trash behind. When we wash our dishes, we throw the soap water out away from the stream.

Our bedrooms are our tents and we use one big tent in which to store our food and to cook. After 4 to 6 weeks of living like this, I always look forward to a bed and a real bathroom!

I love working with Tuco-Tucos here.


Hey, iTwixie girls, have you ever gone camping? What do you like best and least?

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