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Tween "Musts" for the Best Summer Ever!
June 1, 2011


This June, iTwixie’s all about creating lists of Tween “Musts” for the Best Summer Ever! Kewl, right? Cuz if you plan for the best summer evah, you will definately have the best summer evah!

iTwixie’s gonna be FULL of things that you just Must Do so you don’t miss a moment of awesomeness all summer long, like…

• Top Ten Most Amazing Things Tweens Must Do this Summer!

• Top Ten UNFORGETTABLE Things for Tweens to Do this Summer!

• Mouth Watering Foods You Can Make Yourself this Summer, Every Monday in iMActive!

• The World’s ONLY iTwixie Tween Girl Book Club Vote to Stay Savvy, Sensational AND Winning Prizes ALL SUMMER LONG!

• Amazing Projects to Make with Your BFF or by Yourself, Every Friday in iTwixology’s Design Dimension!

• Super Fun Ways to Get Involved, Because iTwixie Girls Make A Difference!

• And… We Vote for iTwixie’s June Blogger of the Month AND Green Tween of the Month

Don’t miss a day of iTwixie this June… it’s a MUST! Lol!

Here’s to iTwixie’s Tween “Musts” for the Best Summer Ever… let’s make these lists together, right here on iTwixie!

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