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Hey Tween Girls, Are Your Feet Getting Big?
September 27, 2009


• Growth Spurt or Strength Spurt?  You decide!  Tween girls can grow 3.5 to 4 inches between ages 9 and 12. Here’s how these Growth Spurts work: growth plates are thin sections of bone that actually do the growing.  As you continue to grow, your growth plates strengthen and become regular bone.  Even after your growth spurt, you’ll keep growing into high school.  That’s why eating the right foods and building strong muscles now can help to Build Strong Bones that will stay strong for your whole life!

• Guess which bones can start growing first?  Your feet!  Feeling out of balance, clutsy and less coordinated?  It’s totally normal!  AND it’s temporary.  So hang in there as you’re growing so fast!  To keep you thinking and feeling strong, try Yoga – it will strengthen your coordination and your muscles.

• Ever wake up and feel like you’ve gotten taller over night?  It’s true!  You actually grow more as you sleep than during the day!  So getting a good night’s sleep can also help you grow!


Here are three things YOU can do to make sure your bones are ready to grow strong:

1. Eat enough calcium each day!  How much? Check out this Calcium Calculator by Best Bones Forever!

2. Build strong muscles! When you jump, run and play sports like soccer, your muscles tug at your bones, making your bones stronger.  That’s because when you jump or run, you make your body work against gravity — you know, the force that keeps you from floating into space? — and all that working against gravity makes you, STRONG.  Cool right?

3.  Get good sleep! On average, tween girls need 10 hours of sleep nightly.  Do you get this much sleep?
For more fabulous information about how you can make you and your BFF’s growth spurt a STRENGTH SPURT, check out www.bestbonesforever.gov.  It’s fun, full of great info and made just for kids!
What else do you want to know?  Write your questions right here in the comment section below!

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