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Are Killer Bees Real?
October 13, 2009

That was way back in 1957.  Everyone expected the local bees were doomed.  But even though the killer bees did displace some of the local bees there, the killer bees didn’t take over.  In fact, according to scientists who have studied killer bees in Mexico for the past 17 years,  local bees suffer more from weather changes than from the invasion of killer bees.  And get this, killer bees pollenate food that they don’t eat.  So they help create more food for local bees!

Safety tips for avoiding getting stung by a bee:

  • All bees can sting so do not attempt to hit or swat them – just move away
  • All bees are trying to protect their families – do not disturb a group of bees or a bee home
  • If you see a bee where it does not belong, get an adult to move it – do not try to move it yourself
  • If you do get stung by a bee, get an adult immediately to help

Bees make delicious honey, help our food to grow and help flowers to multiply.  Bees are our friends.  We want to be sure bees are our happy neighbors, so we need to respect them.  Want to learn more cool stuff about bees?  Just click here!

Source: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (2009, October 9). Killer Bees May Increase Food Suppies For Native Bees. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 7, 2009, from http//www.sciencedaily.com



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