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Knotty Issues: 2 Things You Can Do If You See Bullying
June 26, 2009


Here are 2 things to do if you see bullying:

1. Tell an adult. Bullying makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s because bullying is not ok. Period. Alerting adults that bullying is going on can help make bullying STOP. It’s not tattling. It’s the right thing to do.

2. Try this! Just saying, “Hey, stop being so mean. No one thinks what you’re saying is funny,” can help stop the bullying right then and there. Many bullies will back down when they hear that others don’t think it’s cool. Trying to be “cool” might be why that kid is bullying in the first place!

4 Reasons Why People Bully:

—Most bullies are insecure. They think that teasing or putting others down will make them look better.

—Some bullies are trying to be popular or look tough.

—Other bullies want attention or to make other people afraid of them.

—Sometimes, bullies are just kids who were bullied at home by a sibling.


Remember, experts say that when you see bullying and speak up, that bullying can get stopped in its tracks. It’s a way to show you’re a good friend. You will gain respect from the bully and other person, and the people who see you standing up for what’s right. It will just make you feel good.

Are you a good friend? Ever see anyone get bullied? Add your comments here!

If you have bullying concerns, send them to concerns@itwixie.com. Our Life Coach, Susan Stern, will offer some advice, ideas and support. Bullying is tricky stuff. We all can use some good, professional input.


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