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Knotty Issues: 3 Ways to Deal with Bullying
June 19, 2009


http://sevenhillsglass.com.au/?mikstyis=recherche-femme-liberee&102=61 What is bullying?

you can look here * Spreading bad rumors, posting nasty pictures or retelling unkind stories that make others look bad

https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/9843 * Keeping certain people out of a “group” or conversation

maxirencontre senior * Teasing people in a mean way or putting them down

rencontre snapchat * Sending mean text, email, or messages


unterschied binäre optionen Here is some good advice for dealing with bullying:

http://www.sonbuenos.com/viowety/3573 1. Let an adult know what’s going on! If it ever happens on iTwixie, send a message to concerns@itwixie.com right away so we can stop the bullying immediately. Remember: Communicate, communicate and communicate! This is the best time to use your talking skills. Please tell your parent, teacher, coach, babysitter or school counselor. Their job is to make you feel safe and comfortable, so they are great people to turn to.

sport pour rencontrer des filles 2. Get your friends by your side! Bullies are less likely to approach you or be mean if you’re hanging out in a group of buddies. Strength in numbers!

3. Be on the lookout! Notice how people treat each other online and in person. If you feel like someone is bullying you online, never respond to them and do NOT delete the messages. Sometimes, that can just make matters worse. If seeing the messages makes you anxious, just save them to a file or print them to show an adult. Just be sure to tell a parent or any other adult you trust what’s happening, they can help you report online bullying to the moderators on the site so that it can be stopped.

Have you had tough experiences with bullying? You know, iTwixie is always here to help! Let us know about your situation, or ask us questions, by writing to us at concerns@itwixie.com . Or, click here for more tips and advice on how to help in these knotty situations.

Since bullies aren’t an easy thing to deal with, we’ll be posting some more advice next week. So, keep an eye out for more iTwixie tips on handling this Knotty Issue.

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