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Lady Samurai Role Play by DarkAngelNikita
February 4, 2012

The Reds dress in dark clothing and the Whites dress in light clothing. The 2 sides have been fighting each other for decades. Both sides consist of female samurais. No men. And most of them are teenagers. The Reds and Whites live side-by-side in different villages. Alright, so the men and young children are part of the villages, but are not the fighters.



Name: Masa Yuki Takeda
Age: 13 Hair: Short, black
Eyes: Dark grey. Most people think I’m blind when they see my eyes.
Skin: Average Japanese skin tone
Height: 6’0”
Personality: Straight forward, serious, can occasionally be fun, and doesn’t trust easily
Specialties: Fighting, sneaking, katana (Japanese sword) fighting
Specialty Weapons: Custom made Katanas and Sais (Japanese daggers)
Side: Red
History: My parents were killed by the Whites when I was just a baby. I live with my Uncle Naoko, who works as a blacksmith and makes my weapons up to my standards.

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